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find the right fit


  • Interview architects and choose the best fit. A good fit is essential.
  • Interview general contractors (GC), if you haven't selected one already.
  • Vow to communicate priorities clearly with the project team.
  • Keep an open mind.


  • Be prepared.
  • Be ourselves.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Assess if we can help achieve your goals.


  • Tell us about the site.
  • Tell us what you know about the program.
  • Tell us problems to solve.
  • Do you have a proforma or budget?
  • Consider known soft costs.
  • Identify your contingency to cover unknowns.

assess the potential

Big picture and conceptual thinking-explore opportunities that impact size, shape orientation, and budget.


Fill out questionnaire.

Engage a contractor for pre-construction services.

Collect examples of projects that inspire you.

Define program, proforma / budget.

Procure site survey, as-built plans, and soils reports, as needed.

Interview lenders.

Consider alternative energy options and request a solar assessment.

Communicate your priorities clearly.


Preliminary research of site: review code constraints and engage building department.

Consider site constraints and opportunities.

Generate feasibility study or establish highest and best use for property.

Listen carefully.

Explore interconnectedness of project challenges and opportunities.

Conduct root cause analysis. Determine the right questions to ask.

Visit site.

deliver value through creativity

Integrated and interdisciplinary thinking and strategies - establish project size, shape, orientation and budget. Keep in mind that design is more iterative than linear.


Commit to preferred Predesign conceptual options.

Contract necessary design consultants. Find the optimal project team.

Provide your feedback.

Review ballpark pricing. Review proforma / budget. Is it realistic?

Prioritize program if you can't have everything.

Meet with design team regularly.


Interdisciplinary thinking - establish project size, shape, orientation, solar, lighting, site strategies.

Generate diagrams, hand sketches, CAD drawings, and 3D model.

Investigate cost saving opportunities early, because it gets harder to save money later.

Coordinate with design consultants.

Request ballpark pricing from contractor.

Keep an open mind. Explore, question and throw out bad ideas.

Listen carefully.

Sign and notarize permit forms.

Review draft specifications.

Meet with design team as needed.

Provide any product selections and/or material requests.


Commit to preferred Schematic Design option.

Review updated pricing and value engineer as necessary.

Explore developed design drawings.

Communicate questions and concerns.

Submit permit documents to building department.

Develop all code required documents, calculations, and schedules.


Develop exterior building envelope, such as windows, siding, and roofing.

Coordinate design with other design consultants.

Refine design, as necessary, to meet program, proforma, and/or budget.

Generate renderings, CAD drawings, 3D model, sketches, and details.

coordinate and fit it all together

zoom in on the details


Coordinate and close on loan.

Communicate questions and concerns.

Review and execute construction contract with general contractor (GC).

Start purchasing selected products and materials (outside of contract).


Respond to any permitting requirements, as necessary.

Develop lighting plans, as contracted.

Draw details, as contracted.

Provide finish schedules, as contracted.

Fine tune design and coordinate with design consultants.

Request final pricing from contractor.


Meet on site regularly with GC and architect.

Observe construction progress and review Pay Application Requests.

Make final decisions on all finishes, fixtures, and appliances.

Communicate questions and concerns.

Enjoy the progress.


Meet on site regularly with GC and owner.

Review construction progress and Pay Application Requests.

Troubleshoot and provide additional drawings, as requested by owner or GC.

Revise finish schedules, as contracted.

Review shop drawings, as necessary.

making it real